Here we have the Pick 'N' Mix selection of our online sweet shop. 

There is a choice of popular UK sweet brands to choose from including Crazy Candy Factory, Haribo, Kingsway, Sweetzone, Swizzels, and Vidal. Why not mix and match sweet brands from our Pick 'N' Mix Stand. 

Create your own sweet box, sweet bag, sweet cup, or sweet jar. Pick and mix your choice of sweets from over 60 different options starting from 99p. These include popular sweets such as Tongue Painters, Rhubarb and Custard, Cola Bottles, Bubblegum Bottles, Baby Dolphin Sweets, Bonbons, and so many more.

There are a variety of mixes to choose from including mixtures of jelly sweets, fizzy sweets, jelly and fizzy sweets, jelly-filled sweets, vegan sweets, retro sweets, rainbow sweets, fruit flavoured sweets, and even chocolate. 


Spread the Cost and Click & Collect available!