Hannah's Sweets

A long-established confectionery manufacturer nestled in beautiful Scotland, Hannahs has created a delicious array of bulk sweet treats for generations. Brain Lickers are one of Hannah's most well-known brands. However,  another popular brand of sweet Hannahs is very well known for are their traditional sweets known as Icy Cups. The chocolate foiled cups are one of the UK's most favourite sweets.

As seen on TikTok, Brain Lickers have proven to be a popular sweet brand within the UK. Sweet Cravings Home stock Brain Lickers, Brain Slushy, Icy Cups, and many more products.

Hannah's sweets and confectionery are sure to go down well with the family. There is a selection for all members of the family. For adults, you have the Icy Cups which is tasty chocolate for them to enjoy. For children, you have the Brain Lickers which they are sure to have fun with especially with the tongue changing colour.

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