Fillable Sweet Letters NOW AVAILABLE!

Here we have our Fillable Sweet Letters selection. The sweets that are used to fill the empty sweet letter are similar to those used in our Sweet Box (s) and Sweet Bags. The sweets are from popular UK sweet brands including Alma, Crazy Candy Factory, Haribo, Kingsway, Sweetzone, and Swizzels. The choices of mixes available are Chocolate Mix, Fizzy Mix, Jelly and Fizzy Mix, Jelly Mix, Retro Mix, and Vegan Mix.

This product is brilliant for birthday parties, or as a gift to your loved ones. Fillable Sweet Letters are a focal point at many children's parties and children sure enjoy eating the sweets. 

Check out our Spreading the Cost option available through ClearPay. Buy now and pay later is a very popular option with our customers.

Delivery around Cardiff, or surrounding areas, can be arranged, or if ordering from further afield there is an option for delivery via post.

Looking for A Gift

Looking for fillable wooden sweet letters? Then look no further. The Uk’s favourite fillable sweet letters are stocked at Sweet Cravings. Sweet Cravings supply a variety of delicious pick ‘n’ mix sweets, retro sweets, vegan sweets, and chocolate in wooden-filled sweet letters. These letters are jam-packed with some of the world’s best-selling sweets. Fillable sweet letters can be a great gift, or a special treat, for loved ones. The wooden sweet letters can be filled with themed sweets to represent a special occasion such as birthday, christening, wedding, Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and many other celebrations.


Fillable sweet letters are hand-crafted wooden letters that are designed to hold and store small objects. The wooden letters are easy to store, and you can reuse the wooden letters after purchasing them and eating your favourite sweets. These wooden letters can be handy when storing small objects from around your home. They can also be filled with objects such as lights and displayed around your home. 


The ideal gift for the woman, man, or person in your life is to show them love, affection, and appreciation. Guaranteed to put a smile on their face whilst they sit and enjoy their favourite sweet mix in a personalised gift. Order our best-selling item and fill it with any of your picks from our mixes to create the ideal gift. Suitable for any occasion and any age. 


Our letters contain around 350g of pick 'n' mix, depending on size, so there's plenty to chew on! Fill it with their favourite fizzy, gummy, or foamy sweets, and watch their faces light up as they unwrap this delectable feast. Everybody loves sweets so the fillable sweet letter is the ideal gift to bring happiness.

The letters are made of plywood and stand 22cm tall. They will be beautifully presented and tightly wrapped in cellophane, ensuring that no sweets escape before they are delivered to your door!

Jelly Fillable Sweet Letters

Jelly fillable sweet letters contain a wide selection of the UK’s bestselling sweets the Jelly Filled sweet letter contains approx. 500g in each letter, they are filled with bursting and vibrant colorful sweets that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet cravings. Pick n mix gummy jelly sweets ranging in brands such as Haribo, Kingsway, Sweet zone, Vidal. Jelly Mixes range in content We can fill it with just about anything! The wooden letters make an excellent gift because they can be kept afterward.


Pick and Mix options are available: Rings from Haribo Hearts of Haribo Giant Haribo Strawbs Goldbears from Haribo Bottles of Haribo Cola Bottles of Haribo Fizzy Cola Happy Cherries from Haribo Fizzy Haribo Keys Fried Haribo Eggs Squidglets Haribo Supermix Haribo Starmix Haribo Tangfastics by Haribo Maom Haribo Jelly Babies from Haribo Haribo Squashies - Original Squashies - Bubblegum Squashies - Cherry & Apple Squashies Mice in White Chocolate Chocolate Hearts in pink Discs of White Chocolate White Chocolate Jazzies are chocolate footballs. Buttons Mushrooms in Foam Bananas in Foam Shrimps made of foam Helyl Beana Jelly Beans Heart Smiles of Joy Hearts of Love Bottles of milk Marshmallows in miniature Marshmallows with a Heart Wine Gummy Bears Midget Treasures Allsorts of Liquorice Dolly Concoction Jelly Babies with Fruit Pastels Pastels of Fruit Cola Fizzy

Vegan Fillable Sweet Letters

Vegan sweet fillable sweet letters and full of delicious tasting animal-free sweet products they are made 100% with Vegan only sweets, they are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans and made with the UK’s bestselling sweet brands such as Kingsway, Sweet zone

Fizzy Fillable Sweet Letters

Fizzy fillable sweet letters are full of delicious tasting fizzy sour sweets bursting with colorful colors, pick n mix fizzy sweets range in brands such as Haribo, Kingsway, Sweet zone, Vidal. Fizzy sweet Mixes range in contents. We can fill it with just about anything! The wooden letters make an excellent gift because they can be kept afterward. 

Choose a letter & select a sweet Mix